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In order to view or buy an original John Hinde edition print, please contact The Photographers' Gallery on

March 2017

We were delighted to accept an invitation to do the Photographers' Gallery Instagram takeover.

the photographers gallery instagram takeover



August 2016

We are delighted to announce, that we have been given the opportunity to exhibit some of the John Hinde original edition prints at the prestigious Three Shadows Gallery in Xiamen, China from August 2016. This part of the ongoing touring show Work, Rest and Play: British Photography from the 1960s to Today presented by The Photographers’ Gallery, London in collaboration with The Pin Projects, Beijing OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen and with support from the British Council. (Lonely Planet News, Aug 2016)

john hinde exhibition

Installation image from Work, Rest & Play at Three Shadows Gallery, Xiamen, 2016
(C) Jue Maolong (Courtesy of The Photographers' Gallery, London)



October 2015

Our John Hinde Prints and some postcards are featured in a beautiful Chinese magazine called Chinese Photography.



Summer 2015

Summer Show Landscapes, The Photographers' Gallery, Print Sales July - Sept 2015
The landscape has drawn the lens of photographers since the invention of the medium. This summer, Print Sales has drawn together some of the most exciting landscape work by our represented photographers. These work span the 1920s to the present day offering a snapshot insight into the diverse engagements with the genre.



20th August 2015

Work, Rest and Play: British Photography from the 1960s to Today

john hinde exhibition

Nothing to Write Home About on display in Shenzhen OCT-LOFT, China
Photograph: © The Pin Projects (Courtesy of The Photographers' Gallery, London)


john hinde exhibition

Installation image of John Hinde Collection's edition prints in Work, Rest, Play at the Minsheng Art Museum, Shenzhen, July 2015
© The Pin Projects (Courtesy of The Photographers' Gallery, London)



8th May 2015

Some of our prints are part of the show Work, Rest and Play: British Photography from the 1960s to Today presented by The Photographers’ Gallery, London in collaboration with The Pin Projects, Beijing OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen and with support from the British Council. Featured as part of the 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange, this will be the first touring exhibition in China solely devoted to British photography.

Work, Rest and Play: British Photography from the 1960s to Today will be the inaugural exhibition in the new C2 Space, Shenzhen OCT-LOFT, China. The exhibition will continue to tour to Beijing and Shanghai at dates to be announced. Click here for more information.



12th February 2014

The show at the Photographers' Gallery Print Sales was a huge success. We had great press coverage (which you can see here) and it most definitely helped put John Hinde, the photographer, on the map which was always the main reason for persevering with this project. Our show coincided with the much acclaimed show Mass Observation: this is your photo. John Hinde finally has the recognition that he deserves and this year has started with some very interesting proposals.

We have donated a print to be shown at the Irish pavilion at Venice Biennale of Architecture 2014, which is very exciting. Gary A Boyd and John Mclaughlin were selected to act as co-curators. See here for more information. The overall theme of the international Venice Biennale 2014 is entitled 'Absorbing Modernism' 1914-2014.

Hopefully more on the other proposals soon.



2nd August 2013

The opening night of our John Hinde Postcards exhibition went down a storm. In fact Time Out rated it as number 5/10 in their Top 10 photography exhibitions in London this week. So pop along if you haven't seen it already and remember that you can request to see the rest of the prints (39) that are available but aren't on show! If anyone fancies reviewing it for us on the Time Out site - that would be great!


john hinde exhibition

29th July 2013

Don't forget that the John Hinde Original prints exhibition opens this week! The pre-show sales have been great, so pop along before one or two of them sell out! We are also going to be at Unseen in Amsterdam in September. More on this later.


23rd April 2013



11th March 2013

john hinde collection at art13

The John Hinde Collection prints had their first outing at Art13 London and they were a great success. Here's to a great year for the prints - with many shows in the pipeline!


28th January 2013

We were delighted to receive an email from John Hinde's eldest daughter, Rosie Pernet, even though she actually wanted John Hinde Ltd and was enquiring about their book, Nostalgic Ireland. We couldn't resist asking her a few questions and she very kindly agreed for the Q&A to go onto our website - so here it is, we hope you enjoy it.

We would like to thank Rosie very much for her time.


4th January 2013

We are very much hoping that 2013 is going to be the year for John Hinde Collection Ltd. We have exciting news! The Photographers Gallery in London will be holding our prints (from 15th January) to be viewable on request. So if you've been thinking about buying one but wanted to see them in the flesh first, here's your chance. You can contact them the print sales department by clicking here.


20th November 2012

We are now launching another 10 edition prints (and these are very likely to be the last in the series) - they include the fabulous Dreamland in Margate, a couple from Longleat and the gorgeous Bathing Pool in Ramsgate.

We also have some exciting news (however we are sworn to secrecy at the moment) which means these prints will probably be coming off this website sometime in 2013 and they will (probably) be a little bit more expensive - so now's your chance to grab a bargain for Christmas.

This sounds like a shameless piece of marketing - it is. But it also happens to be true!


31st October 2012

TASCHEN introduces the Portrait of a City Art Edition series. For each edition, limited to only 500 copies, a legendary local fashion designer has designed a bespoke fabric to line the cover, and a large signed and numbered print of one of the images from the book is included.

The images they have chosen are John Hinde Collection's Piccadilly at Night and City of London Policeman (Traffic Policeman) both photographed by Elmar Ludwig.

Our prints are an edition of 25 and at the very reasonable price (possibly for only a short time - news about this coming soon) of £400 for the smaller edition size and £700 for the larger edition size.


16th July 2012

We are very proud of this title page of the new Taschen book. There are another four John Hinde Collection reproductions of our restored images in the book. The Independent listed this book as number 2 in their 10 best coffee table books.


john hinde in taschen book


18th May 2012

Here's a little update: check out the fabulous London, Portrait of a City published by Taschen. It is due out June/July. You can see a taster of the images here. They included five of ours in the end - can you spot any in the sample images on that link?!

We have also just received some more transparencies which we weren't expecting - some perfect gems. We'll be sending out an email when they are available. Let us know here if you want to join the mailing list.

Check these out! We haven't seen (or tasted) them yet. I was hoping to get a photo of their display last time I went to London but I didn't make it to Selfirdges. The postcards were scanned by Marcus. We didn't realise at the time they would be used for the actual boxes.


22nd March 2012

Here is a fantastic documentary about John Hinde and the company,PDMT,3KJ0LL,24RCX,1#!v=1132714

There is also a John Hinde book on the postcards of Ireland - click here - which wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Marcus' extensive postcard collection. Marcus also recently scanned some postcards for a rather fancy chocolatier to use as part of their marketing.

Lastly, Taschen is publishing a beautiful book on London - click here - and they are including three of our prints, previously not published before. We think the book will be great and looking forward to seeing it!


21st February 2012

We have just added another 14 really special edition prints to the website (click here) including some more aeroplane classics, London sites and seaside scenes just as they used to be in the 1960s.

We hope you enjoy seeing these images as much as we have restoring them! We still can hardly believe that so much effort went into photographing a tourist destination for a simple postcard that was likely to be thrown away (unless you are like us of course and keep them for 40 years!) Perhaps treat yourself or loved one to an edition print!


27th January 2012

We are just tidying up some last bits and pieces before we can reveal all the latest prints. We will have a new original prints page showing the prints, prices and sizes available, where you will be able to peruse and buy one of these beautfiul images.

One of the worlds leading art publishers are using three, perhaps four, of our restored images in a new publication due out this summer! We are very excited to tell you what the book is and where to buy it - but we can't just yet. Also we've been contacted, again, by a television company who want to use an image. We'll let you know more, when we know more.



9th January 2012

It's has been very busy over here at the John Hinde Collection and we will shortly be revealing some new prints. Exciting times are afoot his year, but more about that later in the meantime here is a taster of our new prints:

john hinde original prints john hinde original prints